Future Innovations

innovations for the future

We showcase the transformative features we intend to implement in the battle against infant and maternal mortality. At Tamela, we believe in harnessing the power of innovation to create lasting positive impacts on lives. Our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions is driven by our commitment to a healthier and happier Africa.

Diagnose Mother’s Health

The App also detects health issues with the mother. This could be in the form of disease, malnutrition, or just a general risk profile of the mother’s overall health, as well as complications prediction.

Circle of Support (CoS)

Each pregnant woman registers about 5 mobile numbers of friends & family (CoS), they get regular updates on both mother & baby’s health, and are prompted to check on her or when something is wrong.

Support in Local Languages

As a bonus, the Tamela app will give would-be mothers a lot of pregnancy and maternity information in their local languages. This will be in both text and AI-generated audio files.

Follow-up to Prevent under-5 deaths

Sub-Saharan Africa continues to have the highest rate of under-5 mortality in the world – 75ยท8 deaths per 1000 live-births. Tamela will address this using the same community approach to diagnose & treat.