Million babies are born every year in Africa


According to United Nations World Population Prospects, the infant mortality rate in Africa stands at 41.586 deaths per 1000 live births (2,016,921 babies every year), leaving families devastated and communities deeply affected. Additionally, the maternal mortality rate is currently at 545 per 100,000 live births (264,325 women every year), with sub-Saharan Africa alone accounting for 70% of global maternal deaths in 2020. This emphasizes the urgent need for comprehensive interventions and support. At Tamela, we are dedicated to making a profound impact on this critical issue and saving countless precious lives. Together, let’s work towards a brighter, healthier future for Africa’s mothers and infants.

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There have been revolutionary advances in Artificial Intelligence that have birthed major innovations such as facial recognition, self-driving cars, etc. Pathology and radiology are no exception.

Tamela has the primary mission of solving the AI challenges associated with Ultrasound Scans & Blood Tests and achieving satisfactory accuracy in detecting all forms of abnormalities in pregnant women and their developing fetus. AI technology can be used to support pathology via the overall reporting system, speed up reporting time and measure morpho-biological features more objectively.

Ultrasound, however, is a very unique modality. While X-rays and
MRI imaging generates predictable imaging without too much dependence on operator skill, ultrasound imaging is significantly
dependent on the skill and experience of the sonographer. As a result of these complex interactions, ultrasound image information as input data for AI applications is very challenging.


AI is the missing link to bridge the infant and maternal mortality gap the 4 key steps/aspects of artificial intelligence for successful use in healthcare are:



Good data is a must for a successful project. Thousands of well-annotated Ultrasound data will be gathered from various Medical Centers



After data is cleaned and properly labeled, several algorithms for AI workflows are used to train AI Models – i.e. learning from data.



The AI model needs to work as intended, with high accuracy. Only with enough testing/validity to reduce risks can models be used in the real world.



Getting the AI Model into the Mobile App, to be used with the Ultrasound Devices is the last step for real-life clinical/community deployment & use.

Reducing Maternal and Infant Mortality in Nigeria and Africa

Tamela provides the necessary ultrasound & blood tests pregnant women need. Local women can meet at a local Tamela Center.

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Tamela – One who basks in the Sun

Tamela provides the necessary ultrasound tests & blood tests pregnant women need. Local women can meet at a local Tamela Center, and have their ultrasound & blood work taken and the underlying software uses AI and predictive analytics to detect abnormalities very early and then refer the women to the nearest medical healthcare center

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of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries
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